Free SSL Hosting

All hosting packages from Green Bolt come with a free SSL Certificate UK businesses have come to rely on for their web security needs.

An SSL Certificate is the recognised leader in providing peace of mind to both customers and companies when they are active and browsing online.

Nobody wants to feel at risk when browsing or shopping online, and a free SSL provides all the reassurance required to feel safe while searching the web.

What is Free SSL Hosting?

Free SSL Hosting
An SSL Certificate bought in the UK provides the same security as all other SSL certificates around the world as it is an international standard. You can recognise an CCL certificate by the little green padlock in the left hand side of the web address bar, and by the fact that the url begins with https instead of http.

The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is the name of the data encryption technology that forms the secure link between a web browser and a web server, to keep the data being passed between them private.

It protects you and your customers online and builds trust between the customer and your website. When customers see the green padlock, they feel more confident in making an online purchase, with good reason.

Google also places more and more importance on this, penalising sites that don’t have an SSL Certificate in place to protect their visitors. This makes SSL encryption more important than ever.

If you are collecting any form of personal information then an SSL Certificate is vital to protect this data from potential security threats. Shopping cart payment companies will require you to have an https website before they will consider processing transactions for you.

With Green Bolt, we do all the hard work for you. We will add the free SSL to your hosting package, keeping your website secure for many years to come.

As the encryption technology improves, Green Bolt will ensure your SSL is the very latest, up to date version to protect you and your business clients from any and every security threat online.