UK Based VPS Hosting

Small to medium sized businesses may prefer UK based VPS hosting for the extra control it provides, compared to more common shared hosting packages, where the environment is more pre-determined. At the same time, a virtual private server comes at a fraction of the price of a dedicated server. In a nutshell, a VPS provides the flexibility of a dedicated server without the hefty price tag.

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Virtual Server Hosting - Speed and Control

UK Based VPS Hosting

Having your own VPS gives you total control over the software environment that your websites and apps are hosted in. This makes it invaluable to any business that requires a more bespoke setup than a standard LAMP Stack, for example.

However, even with a more standard environment, there are many benefits. Unlike with shared hosting, a VPS has its own partitioned space, bandwidth and processing power, meaning that you'll never find yourself battling for bandwidth with other websites.

Some customers are also attracted to VPS hosting for the control over security that it gives them and the privacy that goes with it. You set the users and passwords - no one can access your data without your go-ahead, not even your hosting providers.

VPS Server Benefits:

  • Unaffected by other sites on the server
  • Faster page loading times
  • More Bandwidth and Storage Space
  • Control over the software environment
  • Autonomy and privacy
  • Full terminal access
  • Multiple domain Hosting

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